Settlement of Debt and How It works

Settlement of debt or debt settlement is defined, the procedure whereby a creditor is paid part of his payment by his debtor(s). Conclusion on this part payment (settlement) is often reached after an elongated process. The moment a creditor receives his settlement, the status of the account on the credit report is marked as: ‘paid as settled’ or ‘paid as agreed’.

Debt settlement involves a lengthy negotiation process. The negotiation happens between the settlement companies and creditors after the debtors have saved a specific amount in the trust account managed by an independent party. The experienced negotiators contact creditors and request them to accept an amount which is only a small portion of the total outstanding debt. Once the creditors accept the proposal of the negotiators, a written agreement is finalized and signed by the concerned parties.

When to Meet With a Settlement Company

Settlement companies are not to be contacted just because you have not paid up your; payday loans, departmental store cards, credit cards debt, etc. The appropriate situations that require the intervention of settlements companies are stated below:

  • If you have not been able to pay up their debts in 90 days
  • If you envisage you cannot pay up your loans all alone
  • If you wish to pay back to your creditors
  • If you do not want your accounts to be consigned to collection agencies
  • If you are scared that your creditors might file a complaint against you.

Can Money Be Saved Via Settlement Programs?

There is what is called credit card debt settlement programs. This programs can help reduce your main balance. For instance, if you have a balance of $45,000 to pay up, the settlement company will bargain with your creditors and reduce your balance to pay up to $25,000 – implying that you can actually save $20,000. The most interesting part of employing the settling credit cards method is that you can save up money in a little period. Though there are other methods to settle debts, but in those methods, you may be required to make monthly payments – which may result in paying more and saving less, but in debt settlement method, you can save more.

The best part of settling credit cards is that you can save money within a short period of time. There are lots of other debt relief programs which may help you save money, but they often come with long repayment terms. You may have to make small monthly payments.


Is It Possible To Receive Settlement Help On The Internet?

Yes, help can be received from online and traditional companies. What you have to make sure of is that you search for a dependable settlement company on the internet. Surf through their websites to understand these companies’ terms and conditions (very essential). Once you have selected a settlement program, enroll for it, then, the company will commence with bargaining with your creditors to reduce your unpaid debt. Some of the things that you should consider before selecting a settlement program are:

  • Search through what current users have to say about the company (read through their experiences)
  • Read through the accreditation of the company
  • Search for contact addresses of the company (in case you want to contact them)
  • Do not pay upfront fees to the company
  • Do not select a settlement company that only offer verbal or too good to be true promises

Note: If you do not wish to bargain and reduce the amount you are owing, you can chat with your creditors and try out a hardship plan. Otherwise, you can enroll into a debt consolidation program or a debt reduction plan to pay back your creditors. If none of the options work out for you, then consider paying back your creditors through a court-monitored repayment plan. Ask licensed Credit Counsellor from Credence Credit for more information.