How can repair my Credit? What are the benefits of working with Credence Credit Counselors?

Certified Credence Credit Counselors are professionals who adjust confidential programs to meet your specific needs. They will help you understand your situation so you can get on the road to financial freedom.

Credit Counseling

Quality debt counseling and credit counseling both points to the same thing: good people who can help you solve debt problems no matter how troubling your money situation might be. Credit counseling services are provided by highly qualified credit counselors – also known as debt counselors. They are experts in finding debt solutions. They will put you on a path to a debt solution that you can afford. Credit counselors will:

Do a complete review of your financial situation, looking at your income, expenses, debts and assets.
Teach you about rebuilding credit and managing a budget, so you can live life free of bad debt.

When to seek help:

Credit Counseling helps in any situation involving out-of-control debt. A debt problem is not hard to identify. The general rule is that you are in serious financial trouble when your monthly debt payments – not counting mortgage or rent – exceed 20 per cent of your income. There are also rules of common sense. Just look at how you live. Do your money problems never seem to end? Do you often spend too much? Is it hard to pay bills? Do you have trouble saving money and keeping track of it? If yes is the answer to any of these questions, then you should seek credit counseling. Just remember that most financial problems involve more than facts and figures. Debt problems often stem from bad attitudes towards money. Credit counseling helps you deal with those attitudes, as well as all the facts and figures. You may have to change your attitude towards money. That may mean waking up to signs that you have a debt problem.

Credence Credit specializes in credit issues and repair. We will work with you to figure out the best solutions for your individual needs. You’re not a bad person if you have bad credit. We know you work hard and want to get you the help you need to have your credit reflect you.